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Since 2000 “Ruya Domestic and Foreign Trade Building Industry Company Limited” Our company has a team of professionals with the latest technology and operating equipment are serving all over Turkey.

With the high quality of our products, we are proud to move forward with our valued customers, knowing the principle of innovation and elegance, customer satisfaction. As “Rüya Marble”, we set out with our signature as our quality and with our customer potential that grows more and more every year, we work to fulfill the satisfaction of our valued customers in the most successful way. We stand proud with our reliable team and superior customer understanding.


To meet all the product and service expectations of our customers at world standards, in line with the talent and capacity of our company.

To increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees.


To realize our goals in harmony with the institutions and people we are in contact with, without harming the environment and nature.

To contribute to the economy of the world, country and the region.


Being a continuous entrepreneur by taking important roles in the development of our operating regions with our current and new products.

To contribute to the global developments in the mining and marble sector.


Community and Customer Orientation: Responsibility towards society not as an imposition but as a necessity of living together; Continuity of service to our customers, the aim of our activities to be directed towards our customers.


Environmental Awareness: Being aware that we borrowed the world from our grandchildren. To work for a sustainable development.


Productivity: Resource Management and Productivity Effort, to produce high added value by using time and resources rationally and efficiently.


Scientificity: Choosing science as the most real guide and guide in life. Fighting for a science-dominated society.


Total Quality Management: Knowing that quality can only be achieved by total and management and making an effort in this way.


Individual Quality: To behave properly and nicely, not because others want it, but out of respect for ourselves and other people.

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